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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the countdown clock mean?

The Bammy Ed Tech Awards process involves a number of stages, from the call for submissions through voting, identifying finalists and presenting the awards. The clock counts down the submissions and public review period that ends August 31, 2015. The clock will indicate the days remaining in each phase as we work our way up to the awards presentation.

How many entrants will be honored with a Bammy Ed Tech Award?

A Bammy EdTech Award is presented for each of the 3 categories identified for 2015. Out of the candidates in each category, one (1) edtech resource will be selected to receive the Bammy EdTech Award for that specific category. The award will be presented along with the honorees of the general Bammy Awards categories.

What happens if my entry is chosen?

Bammy EdTech Award winners will be recognized at the general Bammy Awards in Washington, DC. The black-tie, red-carpet event is set for September 26, 2015. Bammy EdTech Award winners will receive the Bammy Award statuette and an icon for the winner's web sites and publications. All Bammy Edtech Award winners be listed on the Bammy EdTech Awards web site. 

Do you hold an event that we have to attend to receive our award?

A ceremony for the Bammy Awards will be held September 26th, in Washington DC. Bammy EdTech Award winners do not have to attend to receive the honor.

How do you control ratings and reviews posted on the Awards web site?

Ratings and reviews collected online require registration. A name and valid email address are required to submit a rating or review. Public ratings and reviews are computer tabulated in real-time and visible online. The process is monitored by both the Bammy Awards team and the education community via reporting links on the web site. Candidates are restricted from rating and reviewing themselves by the system. The system also limits the number of times a person can rate and review any resource. Persons attempting to game the system will be blocked from accessing the web site and their account closed without notice.

Can past EdTech Award winners and candidates submit again this year?

Yes, re-submissions are allowed. Every awards season is new and past submissions as well as past winners can be entered for consideration each new year.

Can I join the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences International, the Board of Governors or the Council of Peers?

Currently membership is by invitation only. Past Bammy Awards honorees may be invited to become members of the Academy.

Is there a fee to submit my education resource for an Edtech Award?

There is a fee for the Bammy EdTech Awards, which are presented to for-profit companies submiting apps, digital tools and web resources for consideration. This is partially how the general Bammy Awards are funded.The feneral Bammy Awards program is fully sponsored, so there are no fees charged to make a nomination, be a nominee or receive the geneeral Bammy Award or Educator's Voice Award.

How can I sponsor the Bammy Awards?

If you are interested in being considered as a sponsor of the Bammy Awards, contact Jeannette Bernstein via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by phone: 818-539-5971.

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