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Bammy Awards 4.i

The Evolution Continues

Every year since the first Bammy Awards we've evolved the program based on what we learned the previous year. The aim has been to increasingly infuse the program with deeper meaning and greater impact. In this pursuit, each version of the awards has had a specific focus:

         -- Bammy Awards 1.0 - Recognition

         -- Bammy Awards 2.0 - Celebration

         -- Bammy Awards 3.i  - Inspiration

Last year the pride, joy and community goodwill that was generated when many of the Bammy Award honorees returned to their home states was very moving. This truly is what the spirit and intent of the Bammy Awards is all about and is precisely what we'd hoped would happen. It quickly became clear that the next evolution of the Bammy Awards needs to focus on scaling the impact of the program.

Enter Bammy Awards 4.i – More Inclusive, More Impacting and Coming to a Theater Near You

More Inclusive: We were so encouraged by how positively local communities and schools responded to the Awards that we have decided to bring the Bammy Awards to selected states around the nation.

Soon the celebration, recognition and inspiration of the Bammy Awards will be coming to a theater near you. The aim is greater inclusion and greater reach. Why? Because there are still far too many educators making valuable contributions to the field of education who are flying way below the radar. We now see glimpses of how recognizing these educators at the Bammy Awards can help to offset the effects of the negative narrative around educators. So we're expanding the reach of the program.

More Impacting: To increase the significance and impact of the Bammy Awards we are moving beyond recognition, celebration and inspiration with a new feature called Catalyst. The program will provide an on-going support system for the extraordinary educators who are honored at the Bammy Awards. Catalyst is designed to capture the spirit of the Bammy Awards and convert it to the kind of meaningful action that can make a difference in more lives. Stay tuned...

Realizing the Vision and the Promise

In just three short years, the Bammy Awards has attracted a stellar cadre of education luminaries from around the nation and has become a bucket-list experience for many educators. The initial Bammy Awards vision has evolved into an engaging nine-month conversation accross the entire education community that culminates in a cross-discipline national event. But to achieve the full promise of the Bammy Awards we need to upgrade virtually every aspect of the program, from organizational structure to planning to video production and program administration. With Bammy Awards version 4.i, the upgrade has begun.  

We are now coordinating with an amazing team to scale the inclusiveness and impact of the Bammy Awards and we're excited about the road ahead. Why? We recently received a letter from an educator who attended the 2014 Bammy Awards but did NOT receive the Bammy Award in his category. The letter included the following quotes:

     "The event made me proud of the profession and provided me with the inspiration to do even more for students." 

      "This is an event I will remember for the rest of my life."

      "Thank you for a lifetime of memories." 

This speak volumes to us about how the Bammy Awards can impact the lives of educators and maybe even inspire a new generation to enter the field. We have the support of a great group of people, we are excited about the possibilities and we're looking forward to working to fully bring this vision to reality.

We are all higly motivated because in the Bammy Awards we see a tiny seed that if planted in the right places and nurtured well can grow into something that can really make a difference.

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