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Academy of Education Arts and Sciences

The Academy exists solely to recognize what is right in education by identifying, honoring and celebrating the collective contributions of professionals, paraprofessionals and support staff across the entire education community.

The Academy is comprised of a diverse cadre of prominent leaders from virtually every primary sector of the education community: parents, teachers, principals, superintendents, state departments of education, school boards, PTA organizations, policy wonks, early childhood professionals, advocates, deans and professors at education schools, education columnists, afterschool programs, researchers, school nurses, school facilities managers, philanthropists, visionaries, and pioneers.

The Academy is comprised of a Board of Govenors, a Council of Peers, the Education Technology Board and the Executive Committee.

Members of the Board of Governors select the Bammy Award honorees from a short list created by the Council of Peers. The executive committee manages the administration of the Awards.

The Academy plays a vital role in recognizing the valuable contributions made by the various constituent groups across the education village and in selecting the Bammy Award honorees to represent each group. The aggregate achievements and contributions of the Academy's members makes recognition by this group a substantive and unparalleled honor to be highly valued, coveted and respected across the education community and beyond.

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