Nomination Submission Instructions

  • First check to confirm the nominee is NOT already listed - Duplicate nominations are deleted.
  • Obtain a photo of the nominee before you begin. You will NOT be able to add a photo later
  • You will also need the nominee's email address and organization Web site to make a nomination.
  • Select the section and category where you want to submit a new nomination.
  • Start by typing the name of the nominee.
  • Type the name of the nominee again in box two.
  • Rate the nominee by clicking the desired rating inside the green buttons.
  • Explain how the nominee has contributed to the education community. The story you tell about the nominee's contribution is critical. It will determine if your nominee gets noticed. Write a concise but compellng paragraph that explains how your nominee is making a difference in education. Then hit submit.
  • All form inputs marked are required.

To submit your nominee please

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